Skincare 101 - Part 3

I'm gonna write about the products' review that I promised in the previous post

about 2 months ago I bought a serum from Sephora
it's Wild Products Vitamin C Ester Facial Serum
I consulted Sasa before and the lady said I should get myself a vitamin c serum
to reduce dryness and redness around my lips. so I did and it works!
I always end up with flaky skin around my lips after putting my makeup on but not anymore!
I'm really happy with this serum so I've been really stingy with it lol
I think you only can it online so go check it out!

recently, I suffered from breakout
I rarely suffered from a serious one
so I'm a bit concern about my acne
but I do noticed my skin getting better
before I go to bed, I put on the serum and after that this Benzac AC Acne Gel
a friend of mine said it's a bit strong and harsh so I won't recommend it for those with sensitive skin

I have 2 more products to be reviewed but
I will do so after I'm done taking care of my acne lol
because I've been focusing on my acne alone
that I don't think it will do any justice for the other two
so tata for now! assalamualaikum :-)


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