Skincare 101- Part 2

I'm getting really concern about my skin
is 25 the right age to use anti-aging products? lol

it's so expensive that I quickly bought a new bottle at Hermo because it was on sale
Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam normally cost about Rm46 but I got it for only Rm23 at Hermo
I even tried my sister's Mario Badescu Cleansing Gel but it didn't leave my skin with that clean and fresh feeling
so, get your own Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam if you suffered from dry skin like me
nowadays, I don't even use any blackhead mask because I don't need it hewhew

I also change my usual moisturiser from Aloe Vera based to Cucumber based
I know the bottle has a weird shape, Vie literally screamed and said "NAKPA DIBELI KAU!"
but it has similar effects as any Aloe Vera moisturisers that I used previously
I know I need a richer moisturiser but I hate the sticky feeling
so I'm gonna stick with this for now

a product that I can't say much
because I think it made my skin to breakout
but then again I only used it before I put on my makeup
and I'm guilty for not cleaning my brushes for quite some time now
however, it VC Effector does wonder for my pores

finally, I used all of my Savee's masks
I don't remember the effects of Tomato 4D Paper Mask and Soy 3D Paper Mask
but Honey Bee Venom & Chamomile is a BIG NO for people with dry skin
it was so harsh on my skin and left my skin with a really tight feeling

I'm on a hunt for a product that will helps to reduce dark circles under my eyes, around my nose AND AROUND MY MOUTH URGH
I sort of give up on my acne scars so whatever we'll be friends till I die
but I really need to get rid of those around my mouth
I promise to keep you guys posted
goodnight! assalamualaikum :-)


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