home for a week

I was down with a cold since Tuesday
so I've been resting a lot and even skipped a class
that's the first for this semester #nerdalert

anyway, I was home last 2 weeks
my dad was thrilled because he had someone to make fun of for more than a week
I stayed a bit longer than usual because a friend of mine was getting married
I was surprised to find out that she was scammed by a bridal boutique
I honestly can't tell during that time but I guess it just didn't turned out as she was expected

congratulations, Nursa!
hopefully the reception in Penang goes smoothly today
I really think we need to meet-up once
it's been so long that our faces really lit up when we saw each other

my friends managed to throw me a surprised birthday celebration
I really didn't expect anything
thank you guys! the cake was tasty!
I'll practice my surprised face for celebrations in the future
I looked like I was annoyed instead of surprised lol

now back to reality
I need to finish all these works because boyfie is coming home soon
plus my laptop keeps on flickering so I need to finish as much as works
before it suddenly die on me *gulp*
good night! assalamualaikum :-)


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