I've been swarmed with works
thus, the lack of updates

I've been suffering from cramp, gastric and repetitive stress injury for as long as I remember
these days, I rarely suffered from body cramps except during cold weather
I always make sure that I have my gastric meds in my bag
and my laptop is equipped with Take A Break reminder
so I always take a few minutes break every one hour

I'm pretty sure I got myself covered
but recently I've been feeling pain around my waist area
it's been a while but I decided to ignore it
my cousin told me to go and check out my spine
but with my mama's condition, I rather not burden my bapak

last Thursday, I don't think I should delay it anymore
because it hurts like hell the day before
I found that I have mild scoliosis
Alhamdulillah its not that bad so the doctor didn't refer my case to any specialist

I didn't feel sad or anything
kifarah dosa uolls Allah nak tarit balit nikmat dunia
so don't take your health for granted
Assalamualaikum :)


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