dearest mak nek

I recently lost my Mak Nek
Al-Fatihah, may Allah ease her journey to the hereafter

I was home because I didn't have any class on that day
I literally broke down in tears because I personally didn't see this happening so soon
I visited her just before I come to Shah Alam and she looks fine to me
but I did pray to Allah if that is the best day to take her back
please take her back on the very that day
and HE did

I'm glad to hear from my cousin that Mak Nek's passing was easy
I've been feeling unsettled because I'm not home to see her for the very last time
I hope my prayers are enough and with her along the way

I still choked up with the thoughts that you're gone
we'll take care of Pak Nek for you
I'm sure he love you dearly to the very end and will miss you so much
may we reunite again in Jannah, sayang Mak Nek


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