hectic week

I've been really busy because it's almost the end of this semester

if you follow my Ig, 2 weeks ago I handled VIVA for final semester's students
in short, your thesis need to PURRRFECT
if you don't want to kena hentam with the panels

last week was really hectic
I had 4 presentation, 3 days in a row
I was basically a walking zombie

I managed to sleepover at Kak Lin's and Cik Jang's
I don't like to refuse invitation from my family
ku gagahkan jua walaupun I had loads of works to do

last Monday, I went to Ashli's to pick up present from Ashli
let just say I was speechless
but the card was so sweet
although Ashli's handwriting is very ugly
remind me not to let Ashli write letters or whatever on behalf of me

it's almost the last 10 days of Ramadhan
hopefully everyone managed to meet Lailatul Qadr
assalamualaikum :-)


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