Temporary Henna Tattoo

I was a bit overwhelmed by the respond that I got for Jordana Matte Lipstick
especially the one in the shade of Lavender Lady
I was asked a lot about 5th Avenue
I might be taking order for that shade only, sometime next week
tonight, I'll be selling temporary henna tattoo on Hera!

you can get it on your own at Lovisa
but for those who can't, you know who to find!
I only have 3 of em so stocks are VERY LIMITED
for those who already placed lipstick orders from me
and want to buy these babies too
you'll be paying extra just for these items
because I already charged for COD
if you think I'm very cekik darah
please baca apa kata Mak Darot

later! assalamualaikum!


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