of being different

I can finally breathe because I'm done with my exams!
I even managed to come and see Nana and Wan for their convocation

Wan is actually my cousin from my mom's side and Nana is his wife
if you think she looks familiar it's prolly because she did some modelling jobs with Karangkraf
basically we were anak anjang, anak usu and anak-anak udak in 1 picture

I love this picture so much
because it potrayed what The Almighty have planned for you
you might be family and of the same age
but your journeys are different
Nana and Wan finally graduated
Efa, insha'Allah will graduate next year
and yours truly just started master degree

what I want to say is that
everyone is different
we struggles and sin differently
and we are also being rewarded differently
sometimes, all you need to do is keep moving forward
and see what Allah has plan for you
don't fret so much
assalamualaikum :-)


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