I've been in Kuching for 3 days already
I've been trying to make time for my family, friends, study and my business
I will prolly just gonna stay at home today
to settle my works and I might clean my room too
I will be delivering everyone's order tomorrow

I'm expecting another batch of lipstick today
so expect my call tomorrow ladies!
apart from that, you can get these from me

Lovisa's temporary henna tattoo is RM15/sheet
the BK Super Matte Top Coat is RM12/bottle
but I'm selling it RM10/bottle for those who buys more than 2
the notebooks are RM10/each
but you can get it for RM8/each if you buy more than 2

this is the only time I'll be selling the notebooks
it was a random interesting found
last day for COD is Friday
so if you're in Kuching and you're interested
you know what to do
assalamualaikum :-)


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