Be Good To Your Body

alhamdulillah I feel so much better now
but I'm still coughing like crazy

anyway, do you remember about that lip scrub that I bought end of last year? you can get em from me now!
not just the lip scrub, there's foot soak, face scrub, face serum, lip balm, lotion bar, body scrub, body soap, body oil, and essential oil!

lemme list out the benefits of each of them for you
1. foot soak basically helps to relax tired feet. it soothes your muscle, aches and pains. plus it helps to kill those bacteria under your toe nails. I am recommending this one to those who suffer from sakit kaki alot.

2. body oil helps to moisturized our skins. thus, it is suitable for those who suffer from dry skins, like yours truly *add 1 in cart for myself*

3. face scrub helps to remove dirt and dead skin on your face. if you haven't seen any difference from using your current product, you might want to give this a try..

4. face serum is a necessity that a lot of people didn't know. it helps with breakout and complexion. for once, try to splurge on face serum and buy cheap alternative for other skincare product. it helps you to save more money because serum does so much more for your skin than other products.

5. lip balm, as we all know helps with dry and chapped lips. the lip balm comes in 5 flavours, afternoon tea, lime drops, mint breeze, rose garden, and mandarin lemonade. and it's only RM10/each!

6. aaa the wonderful lip scrubs, it is available in 3 flavours. the one I have is mojito but you can opt for vanilla cookies and afternoon tea.

7. the lotion bar comes in 2 sizes, big tub and travel tub. if you just want to check out the smell and see the result, I recommend you to buy one in travel tub and if you love it, you can always buy the big tub later on :-)

8. body scrubs is great for pemalas like me hahaha plus it helps to get rid of the deodorant residue on your armpit. a lot of people like the one in afternoon tea but you can always opt for soothing serai, mandarin lemonade, rose garden or lavender dreams.

9. the soap bar comes in 8 different smells. however, best seller are mojito, soothing serai, lavender dreams and mint mist.

everything will be up on Hera's Beautique sometimes next week
so, side some of your money aside to buy em from me lol
assalamualaikum :-)


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