I'm taking a break from my pile of assignments
plus I'm suffering from diarrhea
only Allah knows how grateful I am
that my housemates decided to sleep in today
so no one else was using the toilet lol

yesterday, I had lunch at Uncle Sam's restaurant
I personally will come again
a butter milk chicken with fried rice and cold barley cost me about rm12
I wish the chicken is a bit more in quantity though
I was too full to bring one of it's Pop The Soda home
no food photos too sorry!

then, I had discussion at the library with my group members
9 ef questions took us 3 hours to solve MAIGAD
we were like "let's do 3 case study"
but we only managed to do 1 and we barely focus halfway through the discussion

then, we and Vie really really really need to unwind
so we went to The Lab Boutique
I was so tempted to buy the henna and fake tattoo lol
had a Haus Boom Sparkling Juice
I'm not a fan of sparkling water but I was thirsty

we stopped by at Psychedelic Store
I swear I was about to throw a fit
because my torso is too long for most shirt
so I didn't buy anything
I was talking to the workers there while waiting for Vie
apparently both of them used to take up Mass Comm too
and one of them is planning to take up second master
it was one of those enjoyable conversation with strangers
owh! I bumped into Juliana Evans
she was in the car so no wefie guys

after that, we went to Shawlbyvsnow
I bought a shawl at a cheaper price
because it was a defect item
it's only for walk-in customers
there's still a lot of colour to choose from
so head there asap people!

final destination was AEON Mall Shah Alam
but we didn't managed to tawaf the whole mall
and personally I think it was the sushi there that makes my tummy very upset
but I was so happy to see Daiso lol
so that's basically yesterday
I will write more later
assalamualaikum :-)


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