Maybelline's lipbalm

I finally found a solution for my dry and chapped lips

I didn't buy the one with smells or flavours because they make me want to lick em
and that is really bad for my lips lol
I was a user of Maybelline's lipbalm but I stop because its not pigmented at all
don't get fool by the colours displayed in the advertisement

these are the reviews I took from Sabrina Tajudin's blog
click the link to check out her blog
so, I took a mental note from my past
and bought the one in Neon Rose
of course, as expected my lips didn't glow in the dark at all
but it was moisturized all day long
I'm really happy with the result
do check it out if you have trouble with dry and chapped lips like me
assalamualaikum :-)


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