Innisfree Special Care Mask: Foot

just wanted to let you know that I tried the spot treatment
didn' noticed any obvious change
so I guess I'll stick to Nixoderm

anyway, I wanted to share my thoughts on Innisfree Special Care Mask: Foot
love the design of the mask
it looks a pair of sock
so you can walk around and do things while wearing it

it moisturized my feet but didn't exfoliated em
I can still see the cracked on my feets
I guess I'll just go back to wear Cracked Heel Repair Cream from Scholl because it works like wonder
but if you don't have severe problem of cracked heels
do give pumice stone a try
I bought mine from Watsons

on a different note, I'm back to using this
not recommended for those with sensitive skin though
do not forget to exfoliate and steam your face with warm water before applying it your face
and moisturized right after using it
assalamualaikum :-)


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