I'm so pissed right now
both of my earphones rosak
bought one for RM8 and another at RM10
this is why I only buy stuff at Daiso urgh

recently, I bought Puma's sneakers at Sport Planet Off Season Sale for only RM99
wanted to buy other design but I can't find my size
thank you Zaty for driving me and Vie around
still waiting for selfie from both of you though
mena endak pergi jogging kah marek
kasut mahal kacak yahhh

owh! I'm going to activate my Carousell account soon
because I'm going back for midsem break
prolly gonna add some more stuff there
and thank you Kak Linda for selling me a cheap study table
I got it for only RM15 from her Carousell account
so I is happy

anyway, I've been really busy since last week
that's the reason behind the lack of updates
I have so many presentation to settle
all I wanna do is cryyy huhu
later! assalamualaikum :-)


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