Hera's Beautique

currently I'm trying to seal the deal with 2 suppliers
one of them is selling lip balm, lip scrubs, body scrubs, foot scrubs, and even foot soaks

just imagine your body all clear from the acne and dry skins
and even smells like rose garden and afternoon tea!

did I mentioned about the lip scrubs?
yes, lip scrubs with vanilla cookies scent baby!
another stuff that I'm trying to get is

temporary tattoos!
been wanting one but don't know where to get it?
you can start following my Instashop by clicking here

basically, you can expect cool stuffs that you can't get from Kuching!
nothing too expensive though
don't fret!

I'm trying to get some lipsticks that you can't just get from the store
I'm still waiting for my own parcel to come
so I can decide whether its good enough to be sell
and I wanna see if I can get some glow in the dark nail polishes

I haven't give a thought on any hair removal wax yet
like I said, I don't want to sell anything that I haven't tried myself
if you have any suggestion on what you want to see in my Instashop
do leave your comments below


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