i miss you

I just read Vivy's blog
and it makes me wonder
what do you talk about with your significant other?

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only who's scared of running out of things to talk about
I even asked Ashli, what do we do when we run out of things to talk about
he's pretty sure that we won't
because he can go on and on and on about WWE

anyway, I guess I'm just missing my boyfriend
I miss him asking me, who just texted me
I miss asking him the same question, whine about it,  made him gave me his phone and scroll the screen left and right and found absolutely nothing in it
I miss talking to him about funny posts I shared on Fb and Twitter
I miss the face he make when he hasn't read it be like "wait, let me check."
I miss asking him what he'll order so I won't order the same thing
I miss taking food from his plate because my food is not as delicious as his
I miss it when he says "thank you sayang, you're a life savor" when I lend him my powerbank
I miss arguing with him about that RM1 that I lent to him to pay for the toilet
I miss losing him in the bookstore and found him preoccupied reading some silly books at one of the corner
I miss it when I'm singing along to the radio in the car and he says "you know what this song is all about right?"
and usually its about sex but I'm totally unaware of it
I miss pointing at the stains at his clothes and be like "how long has this been here? you need to wash it."
and he's like "yeah I just washed it. I think."
I miss saying "you need to buy a belt" every 5 minutes
I miss pointing stains at his face and he'll ask if I'm sure it is stain not his mole
I miss commenting how much I dislike the smell of his fancy shampoo
I miss arguing with him about how much his belly and double chin show in the pictures I took
I miss him

and I'm not interested in the overpriced fancy tosei top with chocolates anymore
I'm talking about Dip n Dip


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