hello, from the other side

it's my fourth day here in KL
that's just a Sarawakian describe Peninsular Malaysia
everywhere is KL because the place is too small
to be divided into two
compared to places in Sarawak

insha'Allah, I'm gonna be here until next year
until I completed my master degree
I have no F idea what I signed up for
it's not like I have any basic or even the personality
I'm not an intellectual person
I don't read papers
I hate serious stuff like politics
so I'm a bit scared lol

I might be staying here a bit longer
due to the possibility of me working here
so I'll invest on long penknife and pepper spray
for safety precautions
sometimes, you can see me reciting the Syahadah in public places
because of the bombing incidents
I am a bit paranoid
no shit

what have I bought so far?
a shawl at Jalan TAR
not as opaque as I want it to be but at least it's not strecthy
so beware of sellers that claimed to sell "chiffon shawls"
because some of the materials are not 100% chiffon
I bought a stripes shirt AGAIN
because stripes shirt is life lol

had a taste of La Juiceria
urgh it tasted like grass
so no more for me
I'll stick to green tea and exercise

bought masks at Innisfree
I heard a lot of the brand
so when I found the store
I had to buy something from it hahaha
I'm a bit of a cheapskate
so I won't invest too much during my first time buying
will let you know, if its any good

because the one that own was my sister
and it's not entirely patched
I had to wear a legging inside

anyway, can anyone suggest me bookstores that sell good and cheap books?
I'm running out of materials to read since I didn't bring a lot of my books with me
I'm planning to not go out so much unless I get a part-time job
till later, assalamualaikum :-)


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