Who To Follow on Tumblr

I've been wanting to update my blog but I'm running out of ideas on topics to write
And I do acknowledged that there are a few stuff that I promised to write but I just ain't feeling it
But this is something I want to write about
Topic of the day is... Who To Follow on Tumblr!

I'm still active on Tumblr
Currently I have 701 followers
I rarely posts anything but if I do, its usually on fashion inspiration
You can check out my Tumblr here
And these are those Tumblr accounts that I usually reblog from

How the hell do you pronounce that?
She (I think she is a she) is a Malaysian
I usually reblog stuff like this from her Tumblr

I think a friend of mine own this account
Mozzarie, is that you?

Michelle Francis, a copywriter and you can find her, here on Instagram too

I reblog most of the Islamic quotes from this Tumblr account

A 24 years old Afgan living in Ohio
Mostly poetry

Own by a friend of mine, Izzah
Mostly magnificent views

That's it for now
Do check out my Tumblr and these accounts


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