These scrambled eggs taste like...

I've been itching to write
I guess that's the reason why I've been posting quite frequently, lately

but I want to write a proper story
I sorta miss English classes
because that's where I can pretty much express myself through writing
and I need a guideline
that's how I like to work

I Google-ed "Finish the sentence..."
but I'll be using the sentence somewhere along the story
instead of just finishing it
so here goes nothing

These scrambled eggs taste like
It is a typical Sunday morning.
I drop by to Green Tomato Cafe to get my breakfast.

A guy with a manbun caught my eyes.
His hair was tied up messily.
He was wearing a white shirt with Caffeine written over it
with a pair of grey shorts.
He's reading The Star.
I wonder what section does he usually read.
Sports? Business? Entertainment?
The waitress woke me up from my muse.
I took a sip of my coffee and from afar I can see that he's folding the newspaper into 2 before waving the waitress goodbye.
He must be a regular here.

It's been a month since the last time I heard from him.
He has the nicest smile, the whitest teeth, small eyes, long fingers, and a bit slouchy.
He likes the way I crunch my nose when its hot outside, the way I tie my hair right before I eat my meals and the way my cheeks redden when he say I love you.
But he grew tired of me.
People grew tired of each other.
I guess.

And I need to stop coming here.
Because these scrambled eggs taste like how he likes it.
And I need to start going somewhere else.
That makes scrambled eggs taste like how I like it.

it's been a while and sorta lost my mojo.
leave your comments if you want me write something else or correcting my grammar.
assalamualaikum :-)


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