How To Survive A Long-Distance Relationship

Ashli is going back to England tomorrow
back to different timezone
this time around, I won't be seeing him

lemme tell you how to survive a long-distance relationship

1. patience
you're living in a different continents with different timezone
it's already evening in Malaysia but its only 7am in England
you need to be really patience
I usually keeps myself busy, right from waking up until he wakes up
so I don't go crazy waiting

2. don't get paranoid easily
I know the last seen feature at Whatsapp can make you go loco
but you need to trust your partner
I usually just ask directly what Ashli did while I'm asleep straight to his face
most of the times the last seen stop at the exact time I said goodnight to him
stop using last seen feature to measure your partner's loyalty

3. be present in each other's life
me and Ashli were constantly fighting during the first 2 months of him living in England
we figured out our main issue was, I had no clue about his life over there
I know about his dorm, his class schedule, his eating habits but that's it
it is his responsible to tell me about his friends and his club meetings
but sometimes I need to initiate the conversation too

4. make time for each other
we don't have any fixed schedule for Skype date
we would just squeezed in the dates whenever Ashli is free
I'm a penganggur berjaya so I'm always available
sometimes 2-3 times in a week, sometimes once every 2 week
but we make sure we do it at least once every month
I also avoid going out on days that he doesn't have any classes or plans

5. do not afraid to say I miss you
but ego is one ugly thing
usually, I would just throw it at Ashli's face
so he has to entertain and be nice to me during that period
if you don't say it, he will not aware of your feelings
and you'll turn into this bitch that hates everything he does
like when he spends 10 minutes in the toilet because he has tummy ache
you will hate the toilet, the tummy ache and that bad food he ate for lunch

have faith, love each other and be loyal
efforts are important too
make sure both of you want to be in this relationship
and have an idea of where this relationship is heading to
assalamualaikum :-)


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