hijab tutorials

I just got back from a wedding
the bride was my schoolmate back in high school
didn't managed to take a photo with the bride
but managed to snap one with a mother to be
a future mother of 2 to be exact

my highlight was on point!
or was it sweat?
anyway, I just uploaded a new hijab tutorial
which you can check out here
I own this channel for 2 years now
I only do tutorial on request
so if guys have any, please leave your comment below

this is a video on how I usually style my hijab
this particular style is my favourite
because I hate using pin under my chin, wear any innerneck and constantly worrying about my neck showing
I will upload a new one on my Youtube channel
I'm not gonna upload this one because I accidentally stained my shawl with curry
which you can see clearly in the video lol

I was inspired by the recent blackout in Sarawak
so wait for my 2 cents soon
assalamualaikum :-)


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