A Week In KL

sorry for the hiatus
I just got back from KL
I was there for a week
because I attended UITM's postgraduate interview

the interview was alright
the panels didn't ask me much
just the basic questions
1. are you previously an UITM student?
2. why would a marketing graduate pursue a mass communication master degree?
3. what's your plan after this?
it was barely 5 minutes lol
but my tips for those who will face the interview in the future would be
please please please dress to impress
wear a formal shirt, no jeans and the proper shoes
it's the right thing to do

while I was there
Ashli's mum invited me for lunch
she even let me stay for a night
incase Ashli has trouble waking up
and I might not make it to the interview
thank you for the lunch Auntie
your pudding was awesome!
I was too embarrassed to eat some more hewhew
thank you for the Christmas present too
not forgetting Auntie Julie, for the card
and sayang, for the bracelet

I'm not sure if anyone noticed
but I actually chose the charms carefully
there's four-leaf clover for luck
a tiny robot with book on the right hand and love of the left hand.
a love shape charm carved with "made with love"
an infinity charm, a globe charm and a Mockingjay
with luck and technology, love to the infinity and beyond the world.
I ended it with a Mockingjay because I've been wanting a Mockingjay stuff :-P

I managed to go to Fashionvalet's offline store
the store has this intimidating exclusive feelings
I'll come back once I have a job that pays a lot lol
owh! I went to Picknik too! but Nik was not there
personally, the foods are a bit overpriced
but hey, opinions are subjective

I've been wanting a lip scrub
but those at The Face Shop is so pricey tsk tsk
I found a cheaper one, somewhere at Sunway Pyramid
I haven't try it yet
will let you know the result later

had lunch with Aireen, Aiman and Ashli at Jibby & Co
it was my belated birthday celebration plus Aireen's birthday celebration in advanced
it is a bit overpriced
but I guess they need to pay for the deco and place
again, opinions are subjective

went to watch Star Wars with Aisyah
I was texting Ashli at the same time
because I didn't understand a lot of things lol
but Star Wars was proven not for me

that was my week in KL
full with free foods and baes
if it meant to be, insha'Allah I'll be there in February or March
assalamualaikum :-)


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