Graduation Tips

as promised
I'm gonna write about things I did before my graduation day

1. graduation outfit
you might think its not important
but its scorching hot out there
and you don't want to look like a hot mess once you take off your robe
so please do spend time thinking about it
like, the colour that will pop under your robe
and the material, so that you'll wear it comfortably

2. makeup
I'm not a makeup junkie
but I do found makeup thingy, enjoyable
and an expensive hobby
do spend time learning about your face shape and what will suit you
try out what you like on other people and see if it looks good on you
I'm talking about eye makeup and colour of the lipstick

3. shoes
honestly, I didn't spend so much thoughts on my shoes lol
but wedges and flats are safe and comfortable options
this is coming from a lady who is still suffering from numbness of her toes
due to uncomfortable pointed toe high heels

4. bag
I was not allowed to bring anything into the hall
but I managed to hide a small sling bag under my robe
I kept my phone, powerbank, tissues, sore throat jujube that I didn't eat at all and glue!
in case my high heels suddenly broke lol

5. hijab
other than shoes
I also didn't invest my time on my hijab
I ended up having the extra hijab on my side crumpled by the end of the day
if you want to wear a hijab made from satin
please make sure you wear it without having an extra hijab on the side

once you take off your robe
all the extra hijab are already crumpled
so hide em all!

I guess that's it from me
I hope this post is beneficial
good night! assalamualaikum :-)


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