Graduation Day

I posted an entry on Graduation Tips
now I'm gonna write on the Graduation Day itself

I woke up around 5.15 am
I didn't hear my alarm clock ringing
so I rushed downstairs and yelled at Daneil because he was using the bathroom
and I didn't hear any sounds of water running through the pipe lol
after that, I started to do my make up first because I usually take quite some time doing it
I didn't wear any eyeliner because I suck at putting on my eyeliner
thank God I prepared everything the night before
I had my dress ironed, my heels in front of the door, my robe hanging near my heels, and my mortar board near my small sling bag so I wasn't nervous about accidentally leaving things behind

honestly, I don't fancy my make up lol
but I need something that pop and will last through out the day

I like this look better
but I know it won't pop as much as I want to
I'm wearing eyeliner in this photo but no concealer and eyeshadow

we were given cakes and drink to eat before entering Arena Gemilang
we waited almost 2 hours for the ceremony to start
at first, I didn't feel anything
but I felt overwhelmed once I entered the hall
the first time I listened to Unimas Gemilang during orientation week
I told myself that I will cry once I graduated
I choked a bit but I told myself not to be a crybaby lol

I did not trip on the stage
but once I reached my seat

I thought I bought cushion for high heels
but I actually bought an anti-skid thingy
so my feet were hurting like hell after wearing high heels for 4 hours straight

the infamous crumpled extra side of my hijab
not pretty

I have to show off my dress lol
it's a dress
it's a one piece dress
I had to shorten it a bit
because apparently I'm not as tall as Jovian's models lol

this is Madam Norazirah
she was one of few people who has high hope in me
during my early days at FEB
I'm really grateful for these people
that I really think that I should made another post
just to look back on my journey
until then
assalamualaikum :-)

p/s loving my boyfriend new wallpaper hewhew


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