How To A Bitch That Is Nice To Her Boyfriend?

I don't rant a lot about my relationship on social media
I learned from the past
so I hate it when my significant other do that to me

me and my boyfriend been fighting a lot since he pursue his study in UK
it's been better but I sort of reached my limit today
I am naturally an easily annoyed person
I know he is trying
but I honestly didn't expect myself to actually go full on rage today

the difficult thing about not being a materialistic girl is that
your boyfriend can't buy you with things
I wish I am a bit materialistic because I do pity my boyfriend
but I'm not

I wish he would spend an hour lying on his bed just Whatsapp-ing me
but he can't
he has classes, he has reading to do, he has debate thingy, he needs to exercise, and the list goes on and on
and to make it worst, we just went from 7 hours time differences to 8 hours
I mean, I was just adapting to the 7 hours

I am also on pms
so I've been extra bitchy to people
I've been screaming "eff you!" to strangers on the road
I am tired of fighting
so I've been googling "how to be nice to your boyfriend"

so there's this article on 140 Nice Things To Say To Your Boyfriend
managed to scroll it until number 32
it makes me cringe

read How To Be A Good Girlfriend To Your Boyfriend
here's a good one
"Try not to get into nagging mode"
but its contradicting with
"Don't try to be someone whom you are not."
mixed messages
I hate that

anyhow, I found an interesting thing at Yahoo Answers
I can conclude that girls who are not used in being affectionate do suffer from this issue

I have to agree with it
I'm not used to talk things out
that's not how I was raised
I was raised to be a strong, independent, non-vulnerable kinda girl
I was raised to suck it up and just deal with it
and I used to vent things out to get things done

I don't think I can do this let's talk things out thingy
but I'll try the stay quiet when I have nothing nice to say
I can't un-bitch myself but I'll try to be less bitchy
at least to my boyfriend
assalamualaikum :-)


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