graduation makeup

my graduation ceremony is in one month time.
dress? checked. shoes? I'll probably wear ones I already have.
makeup? still exploring my options and brushing up my skills. pun intended lol

I was thinking of doing brown eyes but as you can see in the pictures above
the colour isn't doing much for me.
I guess it's because I'm not that fair.
top picture is how the makeup looks under natural light and the bottom one is under unnatural light.
I mean lights light. fluorescent light.
I was using different lipstick in each of the pictures.
I love the one I'm using in the top picture but I think it really won't do anything for me under fluorescent light.

the problem I have with this makeup is that I think it is really heavy on the eyes.
but, it looks awesome under fluorescent light.
I was using nude lipstick on the top picture and pink lipstick in the bottom one.
I'm not gonna do nude lipstick because I don't think it will still be there by the time I go out from the hall.

my nose looks great though.
great job with the contour *pat myself at the back*
but I think the contour on my cheeks are uneven lol
I'm gonna go now and look for other makeup options for my lips.
later! assalamualaikum.

p/s ignore my messy room


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