this is me trying to blog more often

I just cleared the links of inactive blogs that are being displayed on my blog
if you notice them
I miss reading well-written blogposts
and I miss reading people's rants
I wish there are lots more people who still actively blogging *sigh*

so what's up?
honestly, this year I didn't really felt the spirit of Hari Kebangsaan
I think it has to do with all these stuff happening in and to our country
but I was really grateful that most of the channels are made available by Astro
it was a party time for a couch potato like me woohoo!

it has been 5 days that Ashli left for UK
I'm still trying to adjust the fact that he just woke up whilst I'm already on my way back from work
it's not so much about the distance but it's the time
sometimes, I woke up at odd hours and would be exchanging Whatsapp with him half asleep

found a great substitute for Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel!
nowadays, FOTE gel is so expensive I almost cried when I read the price tag T.T
so I opt for Safi Moisturizer with Aloe Vera Extract
wayyy cheaper and it works wonder for my skin
say no more to dry skin and redness around my lips
plus it absorbs my compact powder more effectively
I still look so fresh so clean even when the clock already strike 2pm

yesterday, I went to accompany Dijah to look for a concealer
I came in and plays with the nail polish and that's it
I don't know what primer is
and why you have to put on foundation before concealer
cikgu sekolah kamek sik ajar okay
the reasons behind the pale face lol
and the stuffs are sooo expensive too
might as well pergi makan

I'm also trying to start reading again
hopefully I'll maintain my momentum
a book per day
makes you immune to idiocy
I was just kidding
to be or not to be an idiot
is up to you and you alone

signing off
assalamualaikum :-)


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