Ray Ban wayfarer for hazy days

I’m pressing every alphabet on the keyboard, slowly and carefully
because I’m still waiting for my nail polish to dry..
I need new colours!
I really should do some shopping..

speaking of shopping
I’ve been doing some shopping for my graduation ceremony at Zalora
and I saw awesome collection of Ray Ban wayfarer for women
I googled wayfarer
it means, a person who travels on food foot
we should be able to travel on food!
so we don't have to buy gas for the car!
but then, I don't think everyone will arrive at their destination
we will probably eat everything halfway through

I really like the Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses in solid green colour
it has a little bit of pattern
just like my current everyday spectacles
I really really really like it!
I’m not into the traditional black shades
the colour doesn’t do much for me like these ladies

so pretty much wowww
you can click the link to check out the collection
and see by yourself what I’ve been talking about

if you can’t afford it yet
put it on your Zalora’s wishlist
you’ll get a notification if the one in your wishlist is on discount!
currently I have 5 items in my wishlist
just so you know
shopaholic on the loose!

I really should go and do my the nails on my other hand
happy browsing!
assalamualaikum :-)


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