me, hair and doubt

I think my dad just pay the broadband
I can even Tumblr-ing now

recently, I cut my hair short
it was impromptu
and my Internet was not cooperating
although I want to cut em like


I end up cutting em like this

it's fine
its just that instead of bob-like cut
I want something pixie-like
but, I really like how it turns out

the thing about short hair is that
when its frizzy, its ugly
I've been using Loreal Anti-Frizz Serum

but I have doubt using em
I'm scared that my wudhu doesn't get through my hair
quoting this blog that quoted Mufti Brunei

"Dengan itu, adalah tidak sah sembahyang seseorang yang memakai minyak wangi atau minyak rambut yang mengandungi alkohol yang diambil daripada arak kerana ia adalah najis."

"Bagaimanapun minyak wangi atau minyak rambut yang mengandungi alkohol
yang dihasilkan melalui sintetik atau tiruan dari campuran bahan kimia
adalah harus menggunakannya, kerana ia bukan najis."

"Apabila timbul keraguan seumpama ini,
menurut ajaran Islam, perkara tersebut hendaklah ditinggalkan."

I've been extra paranoid about this kind of stuff since my Strategic Management class
since I'm not well informed of the ingredients that are being use to make the serum
and wearing em for solat always make me feel uneasy
I've been looking for other option

so I found Sumaiyyah Hair Serum at Facelook
its a product by Earth Nature Biotech
honestly, I'm not familiar with the products and brands
but I'll give em a try
I will let you know if it's any good

I was actually looking for hair serum from Good Virtues Co
but I didn't found it
so maybe next time

a bit of advice for both company
you might want to put a bit more of who you are out there
because extra paranoid consumer like me
would like to know who you are
and what are you trying to achieve with your products

like if its just for the sake of benefit from that Halal logo
or you really are good and concern
peace and assalamualaikum :-)

p/s can't find Earth Nature Biotech in Halal Directory
I think I'll stick to products from Watsons
after I finish this RM14.70 hair serum
membazir amalan syaitan


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