I've been busy with life
therefore, the hiatus

anyway, this is my fourth week of internship
I'm doing mine at PROTON Edar Sdn Bhd Kuching
I'm enjoying my working environment,
the bosses and staffs are friendly,
the prayer room is comfortable,
and the toilets are super clean lol
during my first week, I only went to work for 3 days due to Eid
then started to work again on Tuesday

my Eid was so-so
I was down with fever after the celebrations
insha'Allah ada dosa-dosa kenak hapus ya
and speaking of fever
I feel like I'm catching another one
I think its because of my nenek
she's not feeling well and it sorta affecting me..

I'm signing out
I need to wake up early to send my brother to school because my dad is not around
my nenek is not feeling well
and so does my boyfriend
last night, he called me up sometime around 3 in the morning
because he can't sleep
that's twice this week

nothing interesting happened recently
I hope that explains my abandoned blog
so later
assalamualaikum :-)


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