the hardest goodbye

Ashli is already back in KL
he spent the weekends over here because its our 1st anniversary
during that 12 months, we were together at UNIMAS for a month, Ashli came to Kuching twice and I went to KL once

is it difficult being in a long distance relationship?
I would say no.
the difficult part is parting away.
this time around, I have no idea if I will able to see him before he fly to UK
so both of us were a bit more emotional than usual

I need to stop having my period whenever Ashli come to see me
the hormone is messing with my emotions
I was okay until Nisa asked if I cried in the car then I started to cry
to be honest, I was crying the night before too because of unidentified reasons

anyway, thank you for coming to see me sayang.
thank you for the ring.
I was taken aback a bit when you dragged me into jewelry stores
but you know I'll wear it and keep it safe

thank you for coming over for dinner
since you can sit with bapak and he even offered you his cigs
I guess it went well
next time around you might want to get ready to be requested to be an imam lol

thank you for respecting the choices I made
thank you for understanding things that I do for myself
thank you for not using my selfishness against me
and thank you for always prepared to explain stupid little things that I can't figure out by myself

I promise that I will still be yours once you come back from UK, InshaAllah
goodnight, assalamualaikum :-)


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