my first ever car accident

I was on my way back from UNIMAS when I accidentally hit the car in front of me
it was my first ever accident so I went out from the car
then the driver, a Chinese girl, who I assumed to be around my age suddenly burst into anger and tears
I talked to her mum because its easier to talk with someone who's not yelling at you
I told her that I will definitely take responsibility because it was my fault
I gave her my phone number, let her took a picture of my IC and EVEN MADE A VIDEO SAYING I WAS SORRY

I called my dad, he wanted to lodge a police report
in case they took an advantage over me
but we managed to settle it nicely
we gave them RM400 as compensation
I guess its somehow somewhat because I was fasting
but I'm definitely will keep a safe distance from the car in front from now

sorry bapak for hitting someone else car using your car
sorry for using your money to pay for the damage *sigh*
I hope my Father's Day card will at least pay 0.01% of it lol

I was thinking of giving this to him
but he doesn't fart that much
I also found another card that I need to stock up after I get married

have a bless Ramadhan everyone
hang in there!
assalamualaikum :-)


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