last night, I had dinner with my girls
it has been 2 weeks
I can't go that long without seeing at least one of them
even if I could, its probably because my boyfriend is around lol

so what's up?
secured a place for internship at Pullman but for certain reason it was pullback due to changes in management
so I need to find new place ASAP

received my fyp's draft back
so many things to do
tomorrow, I have to submit the completed one

I went to KL for Danial's wedding
he is Ashli's brother
it was an impromptu
the wedding was BEAUTIFUL!
check out the photos!

met Ashli's extended family for the first time
let's hope I gave a good first impression lol
people keep asking when will be our turn and everything
we were like not in another 2-3 years
so yeah
now its time to get back to reality

me and si debab Inara just want to wish everyone, selamat berpuasa!
please forgive all of my wrongdoing and may everyone berpuasa dengan penuh kerberkatan.
amin ya Rabbal alamin.
assalamualaikum :-)


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