I just woke up from my nap
my bapak woke up and told me to pick up my new pair of glasses
told him that I'm too tired because I just got back from a group discussion and I slept around 2 last night.
its been a hectic week.
I wish I have 34 hours in one day lol
I'm have 2 assignments to be submit on Tuesday.
I have a talk to be attend on next Wednesday.
I have 1 video and 1 report to be submit on Thursday.
I have to attend a wedding on Saturday.
guess who have to talk for a colloquium on Sunday?
yupe me.
don't make me talk about the week after.
the good new is I got an offer from Fashionvalet for the internship and I'm waiting for Pullman to decide on whether they will offer me an internship.
so yeah.
I hope you have better weeks than me.
assalamualaikum :-)


  1. You got offer for internship from Fashionvalet?? Omgggg you're so lucky! What course did you take?


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