of me being me

I'm supposed to continue doing my fyp but
sekda mood dah aku nyawa nak moha
so I'm gonna go out in a bit

its a bit frustrating to me
when people said "you're not even comforting."
because I AM NOT
it makes me want to scream "owh baruk tauk kah?"

I'm difficult
I'm mean
I'm a lot of bad things
which I am well aware of

so when people who matters to me
point them out
all I can say is "yeah"
that makes you realised that
they don't know who you are well enough
and there's 99.99% they won't like you as much as they used to
and in the future, they might not like you as much as today
isn't it scary?

when things get scary
that's when I make them realised
there will always an Exit door from my life
I won't hold you back even if I don't want you to leave
because I am a mix of bad things in disguise
and I know it

p/s remember that Dating Amy 101 entry I wrote before? yeah I might need to do a new one like 101 Things to Expect When You'e in Amy's Life or something


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