going green

there's not so much excitement in my life to share
hence the lack of updates

this is a post
I feel called to do
on saving the earth!
we are viruses
we'll end up killing mother earth soon
and we are dying with it

anyhoo, that doesn't mean we can't die happily right?
imagine, dying in an environment full of rubbish
and dying in an environment full of trees
I choose the latter

this is something I've been doing a lot lately
its becoming a habit
I've been saying a lot of no to plastic bags
I was quite quite annoyed when Ashli insisted on a plastic bag when he bought Woods cough medicine
I ended up keeping it with the plastic bag in my handbag anyway

next week, I'm about to start my (insha'Allah) final semester
I always always always bring my own bottle of drinking water
because looking after that blue trash can is a bit of a fuss in UNIMAS
I can proudly say that, I've been helping to reduce the production of plastic bottles for 8 semester
10 semester if I include my days at KML yosh!

once I got my own house
I might get those recycle bins because I'm passionate like that hewhew
speaking of passionate, I still have 2 semesters of papers to be recycle
so lazy much passion urgh
good night! assalamualaikum :-)


  1. yes ada geng kenak diat atas debah sebab ngembak beg dikpun gi kedei tok :P


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