beauty regime to healthy glowing skin

lately, a lot of my friends said my skin looks glowing
they were like,
"are you consuming any collagen drink?"
"what have you been eating?"
and such but I don't see that glow lol
it's probably the extra sleep during the break + drinking a lot of water + a lot of love with cherry on top from Ashli bahahahaha mintak tampar gilak yaRabbi

okay, serious time
I'm gonna share my beauty regime
previously, I was using Olay facial cleanser
I can't remember which one to be exact but it has beads in it
I don't fancy the heavy moisturized after-feel
and I even gave Hada Labo a try but I don't see any change to my skin
so now I'm back using Nano White Microfoliating Clay Cleanser
I love cleansers with beadz inz itz and at the same time doesn't break my bank

then I apply Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel to my face
as my foundation, moisturizer, toner and whatever crap yo nigga use
but I only use this thingy hewhew

sometimes, I use sunblock if I need extra protection
my favourites are ZA True White Day Protector and Sunplay Powdery White which comes in various level of spf
they give me that picture perfect look lol
you can go kayak-ing and don't look burok and belawu when taking pictures afterwards
yakin dan dijamin bagus! umph! *insert thumbs up emoticon*

then I'm off for good
kidding! lastly, I apply my compact powder

this is how my skin look under bad lighting and no filter
that's it people
I hope this entry is helpful
good night! assalamualaikum :-)


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