1 week in KL

I'm back from KL yo
tengah tengok hlive! jadi cara cakap pun kamboh lol

my flight to KL on last Tuesday was 11 in the morning
arrived at KLIA2 around 130 pm
waited there for 3 hours because me and my nenek had to wait for my uncle's flight which was delayed to 3pm
I was exhausted once we reached my cik's house

the next day, we went to this place called Pusat Rawatan Warisan Islam at Kota Kemuning
it was my first time accompanying my nenek there
there was A LOT of people
we had to wait for almost 3 hours which felt like forever just for a medical check up
the doctor removed some of the cyst
as a family member, I could have watch if I wanted to
but I didn't
mun aku gik pisan di tepi ya giney gaya :-P

later that evening, Ashli came over
we went to pick up dedek from her hostel
then we went for dinner
before we head back home
bapak was like "take a picture of dedek"
tapi iolls tau agenda utama nak nangga Ashli daa..

I was expecting the worst
but everyone was calm and awkward
and enjoying Istikharah Cinta as if Ashli was not there lol
when I went to the kitchen to prepare the drinks
Danish teased me saying he had the questions to interview Ashli and everything
and I found out that Cik Ida and Ya already knew about Ashli from Udak Ipah
my aunties are all very the Melodi

on Thursday, we went out to 1 Utama, the Curve and nearby areas
I bought a scallop bawal from Old Blossom Box
just because
and some useless but pretty stuffs at Ikea hahah
then I had a fancy dinner with Ashli at TWG, Sunway Pyramid
the place is a bit too open for me
but boyfriend wanted to buy me fancy yummy food
so I let him did as he wished
we stopped by at his house afterwards
just to say hi to his mom and dad

on Friday, I went to Jalan TAR
didn't bought a thing
the long kurti is the same price as the one I can buy online
and there's no bawal saree which I really like
but! I did jumped on the crazy bandwagon at Sogo for A BRA
yupe a bra
I queued behind 15 crazy peoples just to pay for a bra
I just need to buy something I guess

we went to Paradigm Mall afterwards
because everyone is hungry
and its just 10 minutes away from cik's house
I finally did some shopping at UNIQLO, H&M and Payless Shoe Source
I really like sandal from Payless
tahan bertahun boleh embak hiking
k bulak jak but you know what I mean

checked out ioi city mall
me and Ashli was making fun of the way they pronounced it, ii city mall
I don't know why he didn't mentioned the "o"
went to Liyana's afterwards
to meet her and Inara
I honestly think Inara likes me more than Ashli
sebab Pak Su garang :-S

on Monday, it was a public holiday in KL
so Ashli took me, my nenek, and my cousins jalan-jalan
Ashli was like "sayang, you need to let me buy something for you."
and I let him buy a bag for me
just to satisfy him
dah you're dating an independent woman kenalah live my way hewhew

after sending everyone's back
we went to pick up dedek
and had dinner at TGI Friday
before heading to udak's place
and that summarized my 1 week at KL

I skipped the part where Ashli rushed to the airport
once he found out that he didn't had to move less than 2 hours before my flight
remember the scene, where Rangga and Cinta was sobbing, wailing, and crying at the departure hall because they thought they won't see each others again in Ada Apa Dengan Cinta
NOT! hahahah
I managed to meet him at the drop-off zone 15 minutes before I enter the departure hall
I swear he's gonna cry if he didn't managed to see me that day lol

that's it people
it's already 1 in the morning
and I need to send my dad to the airport EARLY in the morning
so good night! assalamualaikum :-)


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