semester break

I'm done with final year, first semester
insha'Allah I'll be graduating by the end of this year
amin yaRabbal alamin
I took 7 subjects this semester just to make sure that I won't have to extend my study for another semester

so that's it
nothing interesting happened
except for
I just found out that I can fit into H&M pants in xs
it's been a really stressful semester
so I think I've lost some fat on the tummy area hewhew

I'll be in KL in 12 days
it would be a really sad trip if I can't meet Ashli
tomorrow, my dad is coming back from Pahang
so no bapak-Ashli meeting, I guess
just nenek, ngah, dedek, cik Jang, cik Ida, Danish and Ya
you pretty much dating the whole family when you're dating me
so yeah hahah

it's almost Maghrib
later people
assalamualaikum :-)


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