of 2014

I just want to wish Happy New Year to my readers!
I'm not sure myself what I've been up to this year
but alhamdulillah here we are!

it has been a non-depressing year for me
because I have a boyfriend for the last 7 months of 2014 lol
no drama like my previous relationships
which I'm really thankful of

concerned of my dad, financially
I just hope I'll finish my degree in time with awesome cgpa
gain great experiences during my internship
and land myself a rewarding job
so I can help my dad out a bit

made new friends
Aireen, Dijah and a lot of friends of my friends
zero enemies
I hope

I attended weddings, graduations, surprisingly involved in UNIMAS events
I'm referring to MAP
met boyfriend's parents (first time)
a lot has happened huh

if there's one thing
I wish to do a lot more of this year
would be feeding myself spiritually
I do feel there's a lot more that I can do
but been procrastinating

anyhoo, on top of my list this year would be
to memorize surah al-kahfi
I suck at memorization!
but insha'Allah I will recognized surah al-kahfi by the end of 2015

I should go to sleep now
I have to send my dad to the airport early in the morning
prolly after Subuh
good night! assalamualaikum :-)


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