that unexpected call

it's 6.36 in the morning
still in my telekung because I just need to
I need to write this

it was Thursday night
when me and Ashli started talking
urm almost 8 months ago
the next day, he asked me to go out for dinner with him
which I declined nicely because I was tired and I just reached home by then
what happened on that night was, he got into an accident
how bad?

this bad
yes I still have the pictures
and yes he could lost his life
I still remember that even his dad didn't want to talk to him because he was so mad at him

last night, I was up until 3 something because I can't sleep
I thought he was already home at 3 because he told me he was almost home a few minutes before
(he went out for dinner with his family)
when he stopped replying my Whatsapp, I assumed that he was asleep

it was almost 5 am when Ashli sent me texts saying he's sorry
and I'm like "that's why I've been having an uneasy feeling all night" (like I said, I was having a hard time sleeping)
so I called him and he was in an accident
he's been there probably from 3
and only called me 2 hours after

he was shocked and disappointed for wrecking his car
wandering on the street collecting himself
explaining things to the police
auntie called him instead probably wondering why he was not home yet

I'm pretty sure I sounded all calm and collected while talking to him on the phone
but I was tossing around on the bed
waiting for him to call me back once he reached home
(his mum was picking him up)
I'm glad he's not injured
I'm glad the accident was not as bad as the previous one
I'm glad he's alive dammit

and I'm glad a few minutes after it was time for Subuh
I need that
I even need to recite Yassin to comfort myself down
do you know how long has it been since the last time I need to recite Yassin just to calm myself down?
and I still can't sleep after all that
I'm getting sleepy now though

I just need to let this out
people, please take care of yourself
I mean it


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