am I not old enough to date?

insha'Allah I'm most probably gonna come to KL in January
to accompany my nenek to do her check up
my dad is not coming along
but I'm really hoping that he would because I will be there for almost a week
so I'm thinking of meeting Ashli

I have a really really really paranoid family
letting Ashli to meet my nenek will not be enough for my dad
that's mean Ashli would have to meet my aunt and my uncle
going out only the two of us means my dad would call me for every 2 hours
to keep my dad at ease, that's mean Ashli would have to go out with
A) me and one of my cousin
B) me, my nenek and one of cousin
C) me, my nenek and my aunt
D) one whole family
this is not a multiple choice question
Ashli is not given any power to choose
that would be depending on my dad's mood on that day

then, I will have to answer to him once I got back
I hate this part right here~
can I just set up a Skype session between my dad and Ashli before we go out later?
stwess amewk atiwt alawk tamewk

I already told Ashli not to tell his parents that I'm coming
not until I figure how to tell my dad about him
kelak mak Ashli suroh ke rumah sigek gik hal yaRabbi
I'm 22 and I still sneak around my dad's back

one of these days
I might actually blurt out "dad, I have a boyfriend" to my dad
just waiting for the right time
I hate waiting urgh


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