yang dikejar tak dapat yang dikendong berciciran

so did you guys heard about the Stay Beautiful campaign by dUCk x P&G?
I wanted the scarf so I went to The Spring
and asked around if the scarfs are still available then one of the worker said yes
so I spend RM40+ on things I don't need so much
I went to the counter then the worker said she doesn't know anything about it
so I left dengan perasaan hampa
but I decided to go back and asked a different worker

then I thought I should check out another Watsons
so I did
then the worker said there are 2 more available
so I bought another useless stuff for RM40+
then I asked why I didn't get the scarf
she said she doesn't know why it didn't appear on the machine
so me and another 3 Watsons worker were reading the whole terms & conditions on the brochure at the counter
there were no other people around bah
I did my sad face then one of the worker said probably the promotion is applicable to only some of the items
then I left
I'm the type of people who know when to stop
so I stop and head home

number of Watsons visited: 3
number of Guardian visited: 1 ( I entered it by mistake then head straight to the counter but iolls kan sik  pemalu so I was like "sorry kak I thought this is Watsons" waved to them macam Miss Universe then dashed out of the store )
so now I have 1 new toothbrush, a cleanser, 1 night cream, 1 shampoo, 2 conditioners, and 2 car fresheners
with the amount of Olay I bought I better got fairer in 16 days!

anyhoo, anyone need new bottles of shampoo and conditioners?
I'll sell them to you for cheaper price than retails store
no? okay.

so lemme help you guys with this,
the scarfs are still available at Watsons Plaza Merdeka and Jalan Song
you guys need to buy RM40 of P&G products
wait for it!
but the items must consist of Pantene or Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioners
just to be safe, buy Oral-B Pro-Health Mouth Rinse 500ml (Fresh Mint)
that should exceed RM40

if you guys are not going to buy Duckscarves ( in Strawberry Milkshake ) for my birthday
don't you dare mentioning it to my face
I'm so pissed off right now
I can't even


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