reality hits hard

it has been almost 5 years since the last time I tried to get things my way instead of my dad
which of course, failed miserably
I have no idea why I even tried at the first place
I never have enough motivation to try again afterwards
until today

I'm not a rebellious child
99% of my life was spent trying not to get into any troubles
if I did, I usually try not to let my parents found out about it
I'm merely trying to survive this temporary life
trying to make it into the people-who-will-go-to-heaven list

I know my parents are struggling to make ends meet
so I sorta expressed my thought to my mum
then my dad found out about it

let's put it this way, 
I kinda crushed my dad's dream
he made it clear that he wants to see me pursuing my master
but I can't
not this way
I don't feel good making my parents making more sacrifices just for a dream

so, sorry bapak
this time, we're doing it my way
maybe I will or maybe I will not pursue my master
we'll just have to wait and see

me and my sister are quite good at this
crushing my dad's dream
you might will not have kids who have master degree in hands
or a kid who will eventually become a doctor or an engineer
though, the latter, you might want to talk Daneil into it
which probably will fail too
but, the 3 of us
we are trying
to make you proud

maybe dedek and Daneil will marry a doctor or engineer!
you should tell dedek to find one
she will agree to it
dedek is a bit all about kaching! kaching! $.$
Ashli is staying true to his ultimate goal in life
to share knowledge and wipe out all the ignorant people out from the surface of this earth
so me no have a doctor or engineer boyfriend

on the bright side, if he passed your what-it-takes-to-date-my-daughter test and get the green light from you
we will probably stay in Kuching
although Ashli did said "dad cakap if you do well, he'll help you to find a job. tak nak I pindah Kuching lah tu."
we'll talk about that in another 2 years okay


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