meeting his family

guess who was in a really good mood this morning? me!
so IT WAS NOT AS BAD as I though it would be
thank Allah for Inara lol
scene bersepak kaki dibah meja dengan Ashli sekda tapi scene berkubit ada
nasib muka ingga ku sik keluar
there was this one time I felt really uncomfortable so I got up and brought Inara to fool around with the restaurant's decorations bahaha
when Ashli said "my family likes you" terus lega
I guess Inara played a huge role because Ashli said its rare for her to instantly like new people she just met

Ashli secretly snapped this

so today when I met Ashli's dad, it was not that awkward
I didn't even hide how whiny I got when I'm hangry lol
and uncle took a lot of pictures of me and Ashli
when I said a lot,  I mean A LOT
sik payah ceritalah betapa berpeluh and belawunya muka iolls

congratulations sayang!

insha'Allah next year turn dirik pun amin yaRabbal alamin
assalamualaikum :-)


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