fed up

if I do get mad at you at most stupidest thing ever in the world
you must be really important
its either that or you're my group mates
the latter happened a lot lately
sik tauklah udah berapa tahun hidupku berkurang tegal mala manas

anyhoo I hate getting used to things that might make I hate you in the future
there are things that happened repeatedly and it's starting to irritate me to an extent of almost fed up
once I got fed up, I will gradually become less concern of you
because ignoring you means less stress and happier me

I can't walk around and be angry all the time can't I?
I don't remember when did I automatically operated myself that way
but that's just how I work
getting angry at people always take a lot of my energy zzzz
I really should register myself up for an anger management class
ciao people


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