12 am thoughts

I went out with my sister just now
and we talked about relationships, boys, men...

honestly, I foresee myself with one of the nice guy
I mean I have always been into nice guys
plus, I've been taking care of myself so I could marry one
so why should I marry one who's not?

wanita yang baik itu untuk lelaki yang baik dan begitu juga sebaliknya
how more of nice should you be to deserve one?
ever thought of that?
but your not so nice partner can change with His will
His will and your guidance, right?
so how good are you to guide one?
I'm in no position to play God

"Finding the right man for marriage
is the second challenge.
The first challenge is
to be the right woman
that a right man wants to marry."

I have no idea why I'm writing THIS
everything doesn't seem to add up lol
its just me and my 12 am thought
I hope if I ever stray from the right path
please pull me back
thank you in advance
assalamualaikum :-)


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