Nuzaa Hijab

I finally got the pictures from the photo shoot!
and I don't want to spam every one's news feed in Instagram bahahaha

with everyone

with the boss

with Lina and the girlfriend of the photographer, Naz






*staring at the ground pose*

*staring into the space pose*

*cranky pose* bahahaha

we started around 9 am and ended around 4 pm
I learnt that
1. there should be people to help around like buying food and such
2. car pool! so it won't be difficult to find parking spaces
3. there should be at least one car with tinted windows to use as a 'fitting room'
4. there should be at least one person to do the touch up
5. last but not least one hijab pro to do all the belits!
because Naz is hopeless
I'm referring to Number 5
so I had to style Iznee's a bit here and there

Syikin gave me a shawl as a token of appreciation
I was more than happy to help out
now I know what Nigel Barker means by "blank expression" lol
modelling was not easy! *sigh*
anyhoo, click here and visit Nuzaa Hijab!
later people! assalamualaikum :-)


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