i hate keyboard warriors

so pegang asuk in an issue right now
asuk means dog
this is my stand in this matter
first, I love dogs
second, I knew beforehand that as Muslims you're not supposed to keep dogs as a pet
third, I also knew that you can touch dogs if your hands and the dogs are both dry
but I'm one of those people who have sweaty palms that is why I don't have the guts to
fourth, thanks to Dijah now I know that touching dogs without needs is haram
fifth, husnuzon people! I'm pretty sure the organizer of the I Want To Touch A Dog event has a really good intention
sixth, Al-Quran pun sekali setahun baca, share articles pun unreliable. AS SO CALLED GOOD MUSLIMS DAMMIT STOP BEING KEYBOARD WARRIORS.
seventh, please stop being so sarcastic about it like ending your article with stuff like "what's next? I want to touch a pig event?" because I don't see any good coming out from those sentences. don't make any more damages.
eight, those people who touched the dogs and the organizers probably learnt their lessons and already repent. you people who keep on talking ill about them bila mahu taubat bro?
renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal


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