my life is getting a bit hectic
last Sunday I helped 2 of my friends with a photo shoot
I really can't do heavy make up. very the pondan.
I haven't take the photos from Naz yet
so I'll share em another time

boyfriend is in town *throw confetti*
for work purposes but I colek-ed him once and gonna colek him again later
it's not like he mind
my belated birthday surprise didn't go as planned
bukak pintu dah nampak kek *sigh*

if you ask
I would say it feels the same
as if we have not been apart for 3 months
for me it feels like I was just waiting for him till he finished his class like usual
then we grab something to eat
although, I do miss just sitting in the car with him and talk about our day
because we always do that before

I'm gonna see him again next month
with the family. his family.
he insists! so hmmm *insert fake laugh*
a bit cuak over here
huawa! assalamualaikum.


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